Meet Our Faculty

Our instructors are uniquely qualified to train other educators about Autism Spectrum Disorder, best practices, teaching strategies and the public education system. Experts in the field, all of our instructors have hands-on classroom experience as well as proficiency in mentoring and consultation.

Amber Fitzgerald, M.A., has worked with individuals from birth to adulthood with a variety of special needs, including autism spectrum disorder, emotional disturbance, behavior challenges, and moderate to severe disabilities, for the past 11 years. She has worked directly with students with autism and other behavioral/developmental challenges in both the public and nonpublic school systems as an in-home behavior technician, special educator, district behavior specialist and program specialist for students with ASD.

Sally Rogers, Ph.D., Faculty Developer, Early Start Denver Model, is a professor of psychiatry and a developmental psychologist with a lifelong focus on developmental disabilities, particularly autism. She is particularly known for her research in early developmental processes and treatment of early autism. At the MIND Institute, UC Davis Medical Center, she is currently involved in a project focusing on teaching language skills to young children diagnosed with autism.

Patricia Schetter, M.A., P.P.S., Advisor, Professional Concentration Program, has been serving children on the autism spectrum and with other behavioral and developmental challenges since 1990. She has worked as a classroom teacher, behavior analyst and as a program specialist for children with ASD. She has been an invited presenter at numerous local, national and international conferences and forums. Schetter is the author of Learning the R.O.P.E.S. for Improved Executive Function and The Autism Program Development and Review Protocol.

Cathy Smith, M.A., has worked with children on the autism spectrum since 1998. She began her career as a behavior technician providing in-home discrete trial-training and intensive behavioral intervention to young children with ASD. Following the completion of her degree, she began working as an autism specialist, providing consultation, program development and staff training for the Butte County SELPA.