Accessible Curriculum for All

The Accessible Curriculum for All project was developed to support the progression of one educational system for all students. By using the principles and practices of universal design for learning (UDL) and assistive technology (AT), we believe we can empower school sites and teams to build the capacity to support ALL students in being successful. In addition to face-2-face training, this professional development model includes coaching, an online community of practice and access to customized tools and resources. The following is a depiction of the phases of the training model:

  • Re-envisioning education through universal design for learning (UDL)
  • Expert learning
  • The variability of ALL learners
  • The UDL framework and UDL implementation
  • The UDL curriculum
  • Tools to support math
  • Tools to support reading and writing
  • Tools to support executive functioning
  • Tools to support speaking and listening
  • Conducting a team-based consideration of UDL and assistive technology supports
  • Accessibility features of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
  • Documenting student needs in 504 Plans and IEPs
  • Effective coaching models and strategies
  • A variety of additional resources
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