Analysis of Wine Stability

Avoid Instabilities in Your Wine Before it’s too Late

The causes of wine instabilities can be difficult to understand and predict, but such instabilities can have disastrous effects on packaged wine--causing consumer dissatisfaction and even product recall. The methods and instruments required to test and detect these instabilities are often ignored by commercial winemakers until it’s too late. Don’t let this happen to you.

Review the chemistry behind tartrate, protein and carbohydrate instabilities before going to the bench to test wines. Designed to help the commercial winemaker learn to detect potential disasters before wine packaging begins, this hands-on lab class explores the published UC Davis Conductivity Test for tartrate stability, along with several other potential test methods for protein and carbohydrate instabilities.

As a prelude to these technical bench chemistry analyses, you will receive instruction on the concepts of accuracy and precision, and get a hands-on tutorial in the proper use of volumetric pipeters—both glass and air—displacement.

Due to restricted lab space, the class is limited to 24 students and early enrollment is advised.

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