Area 3 Writing Project: College-Ready Writers Program

The central goal of the College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) is to help students become skilled at writing arguments from nonfiction sources.

The program includes scaffolded teaching and formative assessment resources created by a team of NWP teacher-leaders that support the development of students' argument writing.

The program features systematic formative assessment to inform next steps instruction, including he Using Sources Tool, which supports teachers in analyzing how students make and support claims using evidence from sources.

  • Routine writing: Routine argument writing builds the foundation for argument writing through frequent informal, low-stakes, writing and reading practice. Teachers can focus on specific skills that link with goals of more formal tasks.
  • Mini-units: Mini-units are short instructional sequences that focus on one or two argument writing skills. They are designed to be used together as no one mini-unit covers what students need to know. Mini-units include a sample text set.
  • Research Arguments: Extended Research Arguments support going deep into a topic. Students select a concern that matters to them, research it thoroughly, weigh the evidence carefully and take a thoughtful stand. This project takes the place of the traditional research paper.
  • On-demand writing: On-demand writing is part of the educational landscape. This resource takes what students have learned about writing arguments and puts it together for timed-writing situations.
  • Participants will design units that include text sets as well as writing situations. Participants will work collaboratively and share resources.

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