Area 3 Writing Project: Reaching Reluctant Readers and Writers (Grades 7-12)

This is a 1.5 CEU option for the Area 3 Writing Project workshop.

In the secondary classroom, there is simply not enough time to get it all in, and self-selected reading and writing is often left out. Research shows that students need to read and write much more to be prepared for college and a career. This workshop is designed to help teachers balance class periods so reading and writing is done daily, even by the most reluctant readers and writers.

Reading topics include:

  • Independent reading book selection and ways to increase interest in reading
  • Setting weekly, quarterly and yearly reading goals
  • Response to reading In meaningful ways through notebooking
  • How to balance self-selected reading with curriculum requirements
  • Assessment and grading
  • Funding and maintaining a dynamic classroom library

Writing topics include:

  • Think, Ink, Share: ways to build in routine and daily writing time
  • Writing mini lessons, notebooking and the writing process
  • High-interest vocabulary building
  • Using mentor texts to teach literacy skills, as well as model good writing
  • Text types and genres

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