Area 3 Writing Project: Setting Up for Success (K-2)

This is an optional 1.5 CEU enrollment for the Area 3 Writing Project workshop. Nurturing our students' writing by equipping them with the foundational skills necessary to help them become successful is so important. Specific lessons and strategies to encourage success for K-2 students will be shared by experienced primary teachers. Time for planning and collaboration will ensure a great start to the school year.

Topical Outline:

  • Setting up writing workshop and building the community of writers
  • Implementing writers' notebooks, journal writing and the writing process
  • Teaching the Common Core text types (narrative, informational, opinion)
  • Learning about genre blending - how students can write in many genres while covering all three text types
  • Designing and teaching mini-lessons for all types of writing
  • Conferring with students for increased success
  • Sharing student work to guide instruction

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