Area 3 Writing Project: Wonderful Words! Writing and Reading with TK/K Students

This is a 1.5 CEU option for an Area 3 Writing Project workshop. Even our youngest students can write, but their needs are very different from older students. You will learn a multitude of strategies to help beginning writers enter the writing community from a kindergarten teacher with 30+ years of experience. Students will enter the literacy community on the very first day of school.

Topical Outline:

  • Starting off the year on the right foot to ensure success
  • Building the community of writers so everyone has a place (Els, students with special needs and everyone in between)
  • Creating writing lessons to complement any ELA curriculum
  • Teaching letters, sounds and high frequency words in a fun and motivating way
  • Using data and assessments to set goals and guide Instruction
  • Making literature come alive with favorite books to anchor student learning
  • Digging into a story to go beyond simply reading aloud
  • Focusing on the text types (narrative, informational, opinion) and all genres at the TK/K level

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