Construction Project Management: Bid and Beyond

Quarter Academic Credit

This course will help students identify techniques to overcome potential problems and pitfalls when bidding for and managing their own projects. Students will examine leadership concepts and forward thinking project delivery methods, such as Design/Build and CM at Risk, IPD and more. We will evaluate industry employment opportunities, distinguish differences between public and private construction projects, discuss LEAN construction principles, demonstrate (BIM) Building Information Modeling software, learn enhanced marketing techniques and the RFP process.

By tying together key concepts (including managing risk, scope, cost, schedule, quality and onsite safety) this course will offer students the opportunity to develop a comprehensive reference for the entire delivery process from design development through construction completion.

This class includes group discussion, presentation and team building exercises. Students will be required to participate in class as well as engaging with each other in the online learning management system.

Overall Course Objectives:

  • Identify and evaluate Next Generation Project Delivery concepts such as Design/Build, CM at Risk and Integrated Project Delivery.
  • Discuss and define how projects successfully cross-manage cost, schedule, quality and, most importantly, safety.
  • Develop and learn to interact with a variety of components within the project delivery process, such as long-term programming, planning, business development, marketing, financing, risk aversion and mitigation, public relations and relationships.
  • Evaluate and write a marketing plan that supports the company’s long-term goals, strengths and experience.
  • Plan and execute construction projects that meet the goals and vision of the owner and all project stakeholders.
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