Controlling Quality in Project Management

Quarter Academic Credit

Organizations of all sizes are constantly instituting quality management and continuous programs to enhance the quality of their products and services, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Project quality management refers to all of the processes and activities needed to determine and achieve project quality. At its most basic, this means meeting the needs of customers.  As the project manager, there are three key quality management concepts that will help you deliver a high quality project: customer satisfaction, prevention over inspection, and continuous improvement.

This course teaches students how quality management concepts integrate with project management practices to create a system for implementing quality methods in a project.  Students will explore quality management processes such as identifying customer requirements, cost- benefit analysis, benchmarking, cause and effect diagrams, flowcharting, control charts, Pareto diagrams and quality audits.  

This course is for professionals who plan, manage and control projects, as well as anyone interested in learning the latest project management tools and methodologies. It is also for anyone interested in learning key project quality management concepts and tools. Current project coordinators or business analysts wishing to expand their project management knowledge will also benefit.  Anyone in the workplace who finds themselves overseeing “special assignments” is likely performing project management activities and will benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired in this course.

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