Equine Behavior: How Equine Perceive the World

When we learn more about equine behavior, we can more easily modify or understand their reactions, and often the value of horses is related to their level of training or how their behavior has been modified or shaped into desirable outcomes. In this online course you’ll benefit from learning more about equine behavior and how equine use the five senses to perceive their world. By increasing your knowledge on how equine see, smell, hear, taste and feel, you’ll improve your understanding of their reactions to certain colors, obstacles or even spaces (e.g. horse trailers). With further exploration and discussion of the five senses and their relationship to learning, you’ll be able to create a better bond with your equine.

Designed for current or aspiring equine owners or anyone interested in working with equine, the knowledge you’ll gain in this course on how horses think based on how they perceive their world can be directly applied to training horses, modifying or shaping behavior and interacting safely with equine.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge on how equine learn and behave
  • Ability to create improved human-animal interactions.


  • Equine behavior management
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