Equine Reproduction: From Breeding to Foaling

Horses, unlike humans, carry their offspring until they are fully developed. For example, foals learn to stand up on their own within the first few hours after birth. Equine experts have learned how to make the reproductive process safer and more efficient. Designed for equine breeding enthusiasts of all levels, this course will walk you through the basics of equine physiology associated with reproduction. Through engaging online lectures led by UC Davis Animal Science professor Dr. Amy McLean, you’ll learn about hormonal processes in both mares and stallions, as well as safe breeding options. By the end of this course, you will have gained practical knowledge on the process of breeding, foaling and collecting stallions.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve overall understanding of equine reproductive physiology
  • Explore different foaling approaches
  • Understand horse breeding process and goals


Skills You’ll Gain:

  • Efficiently collecting stallions
  • Inseminating mares
  • Conducting the process of foaling


Course Code
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Equine Reproduction: From Breeding to Foaling Nov 6 Enroll Now