Establishing Higher Functioning Project Teams and Managing Resources

Quarter Academic Credit

Projects are accomplished by human resources, and effective project managers must know how to manage people to develop the best teams to accomplish an organization’s goals. Intended for anyone who wishes to learn how to effectively manage project teams, this course addresses the PMBOK knowledge areas of Human Resource Management, Communication Management and Stakeholder Management. Through interactive lectures, hands-on assignments and real-world case studies, students will learn the skills required to successfully run a project, including leadership, emotional intelligence, communication and more. By the end of this course, students will be able to develop comprehensive human resource and communication plans, manage stakeholder expectations, and analyze and report on individual and team performance to achieve project success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use four communication styles to effectively manage a cross-functional project management team
  • Motivate a project team by creating a culture that breeds team building, decision-making and success
  • Use emotional intelligence to assess yourself and project team members, and overcome team adversity, conflict and setbacks
  • Develop a communication plan and manage communication across project teams and stakeholders
  • Analyze, report and improve project team performance

Skills You Will Gain

  • Human resource management
  • Communication
  • Facilitative leadership
  • Stakeholder management
Course Code