Habitat Conservation Planning

Under the Endangered Species Act, Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) are becoming increasingly common regulatory necessities and planning tools for many, including joint-powers agencies, cities and counties, local districts and state agencies, energy companies and private developers in California. Recent listings of threatened and endangered species have resulted in conflicts with existing and planned land use and water projects.

Gain an overview of state and federal endangered species laws and recommendations for best approaches to conservation planning. Explore case studies of simple single species and complex multispecies HCPs. Topics include:

  • Endangered Species Act Section 10 requirements for HCPs and conservation planning guidelines
  • California Natural Community Conservation Planning Act process guidelines
  • Regional conservation plans and low effect HCPs
  • Integrated compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act wetlands and stream regulations
  • No surprises, safe harbors and candidate conservation agreements
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