History-Social Science K-12 Grade Groups

The California History-Social Science Project is organizing K-12 Grade Groups to meet in the fall of 2020.  Grade Groups convene twice each month in after-school workshops. The workshops include presentations by professors, teacher leaders and teacher educators. The groups will read, review and discuss recent disciplinary research, share feedback on lessons and collaborate on the development of new curriculum.

Grade Groups will allow local K-12 teachers to collaborate with educators and scholars across California to collectively address the multiple challenges teachers face this year. Teaching at a distance in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that this fall educators are tasked with addressing student learning loss from the spring, along with confronting academic and social isolation.  Four key goals of the groups are to: 1) engage students while teaching remotely; 2) help students understand racial unrest in historical context; 3) assess student learning from a distance; and 4) highlight an online inquiry model of instruction to engage student interest and learning.

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