Introduction to Construction Safety

Why is Construction Safety important?  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, there were 5,333 occupational deaths. About 1,066 or 1 in 5 of those were on a construction site. Identifying and mitigating exposures to occupational hazards before work begins is the objective of every safety and health professionals. Students will learn general hazards to watch out for in construction sites, such as falls, struck by hazards, and electrical, and best practices for good safety, health, and welfare on construction sites.

Through an exploration of the NIOSH Hierarchy of Controls, the OSHA Focus Four Hazards, construction hazard investigation, identification, recognition, mitigation, and control of the Top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards violated in FY 2020, students will gain and introductory level knowledge of safety in the construction industry. 

Learning outcomes

  • Identification of Construction Hazards
  • Mitigation of Construction Hazards
  • Control of Construction Hazards
  • Create Job Hazard Analyses
  • Create a Basic Health and Safety Plan

Skills gained

  • Application of the NIOSH Hierarchy of Controls, and OSHA Focus Four Hazards to construction safety
  • Basic Hazard Recognition, Mitigation and Control for Construction Safety
  • How to create basic Job Hazard Analyses
  • How to create a basic Construction Health and Safety Plan.
Course Code