Mitigation Measure Development and Monitoring

Learn how to develop and monitor enforceable mitigation measures for different types of projects in California. Focus on the legal basics and latest court cases on mitigation measures. Receive practical advice, examples and checklists for developing and monitoring mitigation measures. Topics include:

  • Legal requirements for mitigation measures under CEQA, NEPA and other major environmental laws
  • Recent case law interpretations for mitigation measures 
  • Mitigation approaches to difficult subject areas (e.g., transportation, growth-inducement, air quality, wetlands and biological resources)
  • Trends in local government implementation of CEQA's mitigation monitoring requirements
  • Practical advice on how to prepare project-specific mitigation monitoring programs
  • Pros and cons of different enforcement techniques
Course Code
Title Start Date Enrollment
Mitigation Measure Development and Monitoring Jun 2, 2025 Enroll Now