One Day C-STEM Workshop on Integrated Computing and STEM Education

This course is a .8 CEU option for registered participants in the UC Davis One Day C-STEM Workshop on Integrated Computing and STEM Education. 

The UC Davis C-STEM Center and its industrial partners have developed an innovative modular robotics technology called Linkbot for integrating computing, robotics and engineering into K-12 math and science education. Like LEGO, Linkbot is designed as a building block. However, a single Linkbot module is a fully functional four-degrees-of-freedom modular robot. This full mobility allows a Linkbot to perform a multitude of novel robotic locomotion, including inch-worming, rolling, arched rolling, turning and standing up. Multiple Linkbot modules can be interconnected into various geometries for different applications, such as a snake, four-legged walker and humanoid.

Extending the existing C-STEM computing and algebra curriculum, this provides professional development for math/science/technology teachers with the cutting-edge robotics and teaching technology to engage students in critical thinking and collaborative learning of math, science and engineering with 21st century career skills. The academy will train teachers on computer-aided problem solving using a user-friendly C/C++ interpreter Ch and Linkbot to integrate computing and robotics into SETM courses. This workshop will train teachers on how to teach introductory computer programming and computer science for applications in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with robotics. Trainers will learn how the computer and Linkbot robot work. They will explore structured programming in C, including basic programming concepts such as declaration of variables, math expressions and operators; selection statements, loops and flowcharts for algorithm development; and how to use those programming structures on the Linkbot.

Topical Outline:

 (Identify the major topics/content areas to be covered in this course.)

  1. How a computer works
  2. Getting started in writing your first C program
  3. Variables in algebra and their applications in computing
  4. Math expressions and operators and their applications in computing
  5. Selection statements and loops in C (logical reasoning, critical thinking and their applications)
  6. Modular programming with functions in C (writing functions and plotting)
  7. Working principles of modular robot Linkbot
  8. Control and programming a modular robot Linkbot in Ch
  9. Control and programming of multiple Linkbots
  10. Applications of Linkbots in pre-algebra, algebra I, physics, engineering

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