With a 40-year history, and a cadre of the most respected experts in the field, the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center is ripe to introduce its new Produce Professional Certificate Program—the first-of-its-kind for produce industry professionals. The program allows participants to customize their curriculum through an a-la-carte menu in addition to a core set of courses. Based on a point system, the program awards one point for each hour of instruction. This includes a minimum of 76 hours of required courses and approximately 44 hours of optional courses and lectures for a total of 120 points to earn a certificate.

Certificate completion can be achieved with attendance at as few as three on-site courses, which may be taken in any order during the four-year time frame. Online modules may be taken at any time. We will honor a three-year retroactive option to participants enrolled in previous courses who pass the test for each course attended. Participants will complete a course, in person or online, take an online quiz and, upon earning the required score (>80%), receive a record of achievement.

After completing 120 points, the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center will award participants their well-deserved Produce Professional Certificate, presented in a custom frame.

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