Public Relations and Media Strategies for the Small Winery

Winery public relations has changed dramatically since the days of simply sending out samples and hoping for the best. But even today, every winery owner has a different definition of, and a different financial strategy for, winery PR. The Internet and direct-to-consumer marketing and sales have helped level the playing field of customer contact, storytelling and relationship building. Learning to integrate social media tools with proven and traditional public relations communications techniques is essential for setting your winery and brand apart from the competition. This course will map out strategies for PR success that will help build awareness – and sales.

Topics include:

  • The importance of public relations and social media integration
  • Tactics and strategies for PR success
  • Interacting with wine writers, bloggers and other media
  • Why building a brand means more than hoping for great scores or reviews

Guest speakers will provide examples of how to make an effective public relations program part of your successful sales and marketing effort.

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