Restorative Practice for the Workplace

Restorative practice is an emerging social science that studies strengthening relationships between individuals in a compassionate, relationship-centered approach to work culture. Its focus is on building positive relationships and providing opportunities for individuals to take responsibility for their behavior while remaining connected in the community.

In this course designed for executives, managers, HR professionals, and educators, instructor Yvette Durazo will teach you the strategies and skills needed to implement this practice in your workplace. Through lecture, reflection exercises and group discussion you will examine restorative justice principles and practices that can be used as a process to shape a more inclusive workplace. We will also focus on how restorative justice can provide alternative approaches for building a culture of trust and open dialogue. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for building a workplace that respects all individuals, focuses on community building and is open to providing safe spaces for difficult conversations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Lead a workplace culture of welcoming dialogue and respect 
  • Develop a framework for using restorative approaches in your organization
  • Incorporate restorative approaches in workplace policies
  • Rebuild relationships and restore productivity in the workplace

Skills You Will Gain

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Trust-building and engagement through Restorative Practices
Course Code