RESTORE Institute: Creating Wildlife Habitat in Your Schoolyard

This course is a 3.0 CEU option for registered participants of the RESTORE Institute.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, Soil Born Farms and the Earth Partnership for Schools will bring together multi-disciplinary teams of K-12 educators to learn about and plan inquiry-based learning on native habitats located on or near school grounds. Guided by curriculum developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum and focused on our Sacramento Valley ecosystems, teachers will learn how to  create and utilize habitat for student learning, which includes studying the model, investigating site history, performing site analysis, making community connections, planning the restoration, preparing the site, planting the site, managing the site, conducting research and using the learning grounds.

Teams will learn about ecological restoration as well as Sacramento Valley cultural and natural history as they learn by doing hands-on activities. During the course, teachers will collaborate in their teams and adapt Earth Partnership activities to integrate restoration-based activities into their own school curriculum. Each school will develop a broad-based, interdisciplinary educational plan that outlines how they will facilitate their students to develop and use their schoolyard habitat.

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