Sonoma County Office of Education Teacher Leadership Certificate Program

Quarter Academic Credit

The Sonoma County Office of Education Teacher Leadership Certificate is a two-year program comprised of a series of courses designed to offer teacher-leaders relevant, job-embedded knowledge and skills with greater depth and coherence than a professional development workshop can typically provide. As a member of a teacher leadership cohort, program participants will further benefit from immersion in a dynamic learning community, including teacher-leaders from schools and districts across the county. The program's learning sequence intentionally cultivates a network of teacher-leader colleagues in order to support the implementation of knowledge and skills gained in the program and offers teacher-leaders sustained opportunities to collaborate beyond school walls and share best practices across educational contexts.

The program consists of 120 hours of instruction in four semester-long modules and a culminating capstone experience designed to address a compelling problem of practice in a teacher-leader's own educational context. Courses meet four times over a semester for intensive two-day classes and typically meet over weekends (Friday evenings & Saturdays) to allow program participants flexibility in meeting the demands of the school week. The two-day class design emphasizes meaningful shared experiences that intentionally cultivate a learning community and respond to the unique needs of adult learners and professionals.

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