SQL and Data Collection

Quarter Academic Credit

One of the primary values of good data collection is that it can increase efficiency while helping to eliminate doubt. Structured Query Language (SQL) is typically used in relational databases or data-stream management systems, and data-savvy professionals often employ SQL  to identify and interpret meaningful patterns in data. This intermediate-level course is designed for industry professionals looking to add fluency to their SQL skillset and further their career prospects. Through in-depth lectures, hands-on practice and industry case studies, you will develop strong competency in SQL and discover its many systems to acquire, modify and aggregate data. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Establish a technical environment for SQL coding with version control for the work  
  • Recall and apply SQL syntax for standard data collection 
  • Write queries that extract data from a single table and incorporate business concepts 
  • Demonstrate competency in writing queries that extract and synthesize data from multiple tables 

Skills You'll Gain 

  • SQL syntax 
  • Competency in query writing 
  • Use of SQL within data science tools
Course Code