Summer Institute on Bringing Math, CS and STEAM Education to Life

This intensive summer institute is designed to provide professional development for K-14 teachers to learn how to bring learning to life. Participants will gain first-hand experience on the principles of robotics, coding and physical computing with Arduino and robotics, and how to integrate them into STEM classes. Teachers will learn specific teaching pedagogy and strategies for integrating coding, robotics and physical computing activities into math, science and engineering curricula, as well as how to support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Computer Science (CS) Standards using the C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum with interactive computing, programming and robotics, and physical computing. Teachers also learn how to reinforce mathematical concepts with practical applications via hands-on computing and robotics activities. These computing activities reinforce logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, as students learn how to write functions, and visualize, process, save and plot experimental and hypothetical data. Teachers will get first-hand experience of C-STEM RoboPlay Competition and advise their students during this level-playing field robot competition.
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