Teaching the Common Core Webinar Series

This is an optional credit for registered participants of the California History-Social Science Project at UC Davis Teaching the Common Core Webinar Series. This online series is designed for educators to engage in professional development about teaching the Common Core State Standards for literacy in history/social studies and English language arts. The series includes lessons and strategies that apply to elementary, middle, and high school teachers.  Participants learn about the Common Core through provided reading materials, lesson plans, webinars, and discussions.

The series totals 11 webinars of one hour with an additional hour of discussion supporting the objectives of each webinar. Webinars 1 through 6 cover specific Common Core strategies for English and History. Webinars 7 through 11 examine primary source documents that serve as historical content supporting student literacy development.

For additional information and registration see: http://chssp.ucdavis.edu/

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