Transitional Kindergarten Professional Learning Series - Course 4

This course is an online enrollment option for those completing the Professional Learning Series. Do not enroll in this course unless you can complete all modules in the series by the posted end date. If you are not already working in the modules but are interested, please visit:

This course explores three modules that introduce the foundational skills for reading, the development of relationships and ways to support learning geometry in a TK setting. These modules are part of the California Department of Education professional learning series Transitional Kindergarten Online Learning Modules.

Participants will learn about legislation and policy regarding transitional kindergarten (TK), key resources to support TK implementation, the importance of age and developmentally appropriate practices in TK programs, and research implications for TK program planning, instruction, and assessment. The importance of the TK learning environment, teacher collaboration and family engagement are emphasized in every module. Strategies for Universal Design for Learning, differentiated instruction and supporting English learners are also highlighted.

As these are online courses for CEUs, attendance will be monitored through the course's activity menu page, which tracks the completion status of each lesson within the course. In order for attendance and participation requirements to be fulfilled, all required lessons must be logged as complete within Moodle.

Module Objectives:

Foundational Skills for Reading

  • Learn the role of foundational skills in early literacy
  • Examine foundational skills in the reading strand of the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the Preschool Curriculum Framework
  • Explore the continuum of early literacy skills across the preschool learning foundations and the kindergarten content standards
  • Promote foundational skills for reading in the areas of environment, instruction and assessment
  • Reflect on supporting the development of early literacy skills for ALL children

Social-Emotional Development: Relationships

  • Explore social-emotional development foundations for relationships
  • Promote the development of relationships in the areas of environment, instruction and assessment
  • Reflect on ways to support social-emotional development for ALL students

Supporting Geometry in Mathematics

  • Learn about why focusing on geometry in transitional kindergarten is important for young learners
  • Examine the mathematics domain in the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Preschool Curriculum Framework as well as other key resources
  • Consider how the TK classroom environment supports mathematics development
  • Review key interactions and strategies that promote geometry
  • Explore options for assessment
  • Reflect on how to support all children in developing mathematical skills and knowledge
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