UC Davis C-STEM: Common Core Mathematical Concepts with Computing and Robotics - Level 3

This course is a 5.0 CEU option for participants of the UC Davis C-STEM workshop. This third-level course will focus on further integration of computer programming in Ch through contextual problems and robotics activities that target specific standards-based mathematics objectives. Through this course, STEM educators will be trained in newly developed cutting-edge robotics and computing technology to engage students in critical thinking and other 21st-century skills through collaborative activities. Activities reinforce logical reasoning and critical-thinking skills through computing activities in which students declare variables; use math expressions and operators; write selection statements; use loops; create flowcharts for algorithm development; write functions; visualize, process, save and plot experimental and hypothetical data. Students will also be trained in instructional techniques and lesson creation that integrates these computing skills into their current curricula. This course is a follow-up course to the Robotics Level 2 course.


For additional information visit http://c-stem.ucdavis.edu.

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