UC Davis History Project - GeoQuest Jump Start: Introduction to Digital Mapping in History and Geography

This is a 1.8 CEU option for registered participants in the UC Davis History Project's Institute.

The GeoQuest Jump start will introduce teachers to using digital mapping in their history and geography courses to deepen students’ content knowledge and analytical skills. Teachers will learn the basics of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies and how to introduce these to their students. Teachers will walk away with resources to embed digital mapping in their courses immediately.

Topical Outline:

Day 1

  • Welcome, introductions, ice breaker and purpose
  • Lecture: Inquiry-based learning and geographic questions
  • Demonstration: GIS and computer mapping primer with hands-on examples
  • Demonstration: Esri’s ArcGIS online software
  • Demonstration, hands-on activities and discussion: Geo inquiries explorations

Day 2

  • Warm-up and goals for day 2
  • Demonstration: GIS project showcase – Sacramento good atlas
  • Lab work time: Making your own maps
  • Discussion: ArcGIS software
  • Demonstration: Web maps v. story maps
  • Lab work time: Exploration of story map galleries

Day 3

  • Warm-up – story map instructional idea
  • Demonstration: GIS project showcase – occupation of the South after the civil war
  • Lab work time: Setting goals for integrating digital mapping into the classroom
  • Presentations: Participants share projects
  • Evaluation

For additional information and to register for the institute visit: http://historyproject.ucdavis.edu/

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