UC Davis Math Project Secondary Institute: Creating Mathematically Powerful Classrooms

This course is a 3.0 CEU option for registered participants in UC Davis Math Project Secondary Institute: Creating Mathematically Powerful Classrooms.

Explore strategies and techniques for creating mathematically powerful classrooms. Examine various instructional materials, as well as revising and adapting lessons to better support the development of mathematically powerful students. 

Participants will work with math educators and teacher-leaders to:

  • Identify what a mathematically powerful classroom looks and sounds like
  • Experience activities and tasks designed to maximize opportunities for students to make sense of and understand the math they are learning
  • Explore a variety of strategies for teaching middle and high school math, including cooperative group work and the use of academic discourse.
  • Examine ways to promote a growth mindset in secondary students 
  • Revisit common beliefs and practices related to umber sense, practice, review and homework
  • Plan ways to adapt and enhance lessons and activities using strategies and techniques shared during the institute

For additional details, registration and inquiries please visit http://mathproject.ucdavis.edu/.

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