UC Davis Math Project: Teaching & Learning Mathematics - More Than Just Standards, More Than Just Curriculum

Over the past 25 years, we have learned that standards and curriculum alone will not realize the goal of high levels of mathematical understanding by all students. More is needed. Throughout the 2015-2016 Saturday Series we will explore some of the big issues related to the teaching and learning of mathematics as we continue to showcase a variety of research-based strategies and techniques and discuss specific grade level/grade span issues and concerns. These sessions will be filled with strategies and techniques for engaging students in learning mathematics. Each session will also provide collaboration time to allow teachers to examine instructional resources and to explore and develop activities to support student learning.  

During each of the sessions participants will:

  • Examine the role of mindset in the teaching and learning of mathematics
  • Take an in-depth look one to two of the Math Teaching Practices from Principles to Action
  • Investigate mathematical problem solving as it relates to "sense making," modeling and other standards for mathematical practice
  • Explore and examine a variety of content areas and standards key to the grade levels of each group
  • Engage in discussions on planning units and lessons aligned to the CCSS---M
  • Examine current instructional materials and explore and develop additional resources that can be used to supplement the existing curriculum

Throughout the year, participants will:

  • Examine research on teaching and learning math, including the role of mindset
  • Discuss the Math Teaching Practices and Guiding Principles from Principles to Action
  • Investigate strategies and activities designed to promote sense-making, flexibility and mathematical reasoning
  • Explore the use of manipulatives, tools and technology
  • Examine the role that assessment plays in an effective math program

For additional course information and workshop registration, visit: http://mathproject.ucdavis.edu/

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