UCD Math Project: Constructing Innovative Leadership - An Institute for K-12 Mathematics Teacher Leaders

This is a 2.5 CEU credit option for the UCD Math Project Institute. During this leadership institute, we will examine how teacher-leaders can help make success in mathematics a reality for all in classrooms, schools and throughout districts. The institute will emphasize deepening teacher-leaders’ understanding of math and key math instructional strategies, facilitating and supporting rich discussions relating to math instruction at their site or district, and becoming an advocate for students and teachers as we continue to reform math instruction to better meet the needs of our students.

  • Examine the research-based progression of “concrete-representational-abstract” and discuss its relevance both K-12 and at each grade span (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12)
  • Examine the importance of “powerful questions” in both teaching math and assessing students’ understanding of math 
  • ­Explore strategies for facilitating meaningful discourse among teachers and administrators designed to promote a shared vision of “effective mathematics instruction”
  • Explore and examine a variety of research articles related to teaching mathematics and discuss strategies for bringing this research back to other teachers and administrators
  • Discuss key components of an effective math lesson, from opening activities to closure
  • Experience mathematics as the participants work alongside mathematicians and other teacher-leaders to problem solve and investigate math tasks and problems
  • Discuss ways participants can serve as an advocate for both teachers and students as districts continue to examine what is meant by “effective mathematics instruction”

For additional information visit: http://mathproject.ucdavis.edu/

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