Fast Track FAQs

Our Fast Track Certificate Programs are a quick and convenient way for students to focus their learning. By choosing a Fast Track Certificate Program option, students are enrolled in the entire certificate program in advance and receive a 15% discount on the cost of the entire program. We also waive the mandatory $125 certificate registration fee. Below are some frequently asked questions about Fast Tracks:

  • When are the courses in my Fast Track program offered?
  • Please contact our program staff directly to learn when future courses will be offered. Once you are enrolled in the Fast Track program, you will receive a confirmation email with details on when each of the courses in your Fast Track course plan will be offered.
  • What do I need to know to be successful in my Fast Track program?
  • A Fast Track program is an accelerated academic plan, so good time management is critical to your success. A thorough understanding of the program requirements is also important, and your academic advisor can answer your questions to ensure you fully understand the expectations.
  • Should I do Fast Track if I work full time?
  • It is possible to pursue a Fast Track course plan when working full time. You should plan to devote approximately three hours of your time per course unit per week. This includes viewing lectures and attending class, doing readings, working on assignments and participating in online discussions. For example, for a three credit unit class, you should plan to devote approximately nine hours per week.
  • Can I change the schedule of courses once I have enrolled in the Fast Track program?
  • Once a you enroll in a Fast Track program, you must follow the established course plan. If you need to change your course schedule mid-program, you must withdraw from the Fast Track and continue your coursework on a course-by-course basis. Important note - you may incur fees and additional tuition charges when moving from a Fast Track plan to a course-by-course plan.
  • What if something comes up, and I need to put my education on hold? Can I pause the Fast Track and come back to it later?
  • Once enrolled, you must continue your coursework per the established course plan. If you need to pause your education, you must withdraw from the Fast Track program and re-enroll on a course-by-course basis. You will not be able to transfer your Fast Track enrollment to the next available quarter. You have five years to complete the coursework in a certificate program.
  • Can I use other discounts when enrolling in the Fast Track plan?
  • Enrollment discounts cannot be combined. You should determine which single discount option works best for you before enrolling.
  • Can I use my VA Benefits to pay for a Fast Track program?
  • No. Veterans Affairs benefits are distributed on a quarterly basis. However, all Fast Tracks require full payment up front when you enroll in the program. For this reason, Fast Track programs are not eligible for VA Benefits. If a program is otherwise eligible for VA benefits, you may still enroll by completing a brief certificate registration form, paying a $125 registration fee, and enrolling in the applicable course(s). For additional information on which programs are eligible for VA benefits and how to utilize VA funding to pay for your education, click here.
  • Can I do the Fast Track faster than what is advertised on the website?
  • Yes. While it is possible to complete the program faster than the advertised Fast Track schedule, it is not usually recommended, since this would require that you take multiple courses every quarter. Please note that if you choose to add courses that aren’t on the Fast Track schedule, you will not be able to use the 15% Fast Track discount on your enrollments.
  • How will I know which courses I will be taking and when?
  • When you enroll in the Fast Track section for the program, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your enrollment in the section. Shortly after, you will receive individual enrollment confirmation PDFs for each of the courses, which will list the dates of the courses. You can also check the dates for your courses in by logging into your Student Account from