International Student Researcher Support Programs

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Talented Lab Assistants Conducting Critical Research

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education – International’s (CPE-International) Student Researcher Support Programs make it easy for faculty to connect with skilled, international undergraduate/graduate student researchers. CPE-International handles the logistics and administrative details so faculty advisors can focus on what matters – their research and developing the students.

We work with prestigious international partner universities to recruit outstanding students and develop appropriate program frameworks, then customize the final program to address each UC Davis faculty member’s unique needs.

Examples of CPE-International’s successful Student Researcher Support Programs include the following.

University-wide Annual Programs

The main program of this type is the Global Research Experiences in Advanced Technologies (GREAT) Summer Research Program.  A partnership between CPE-International and the College of Engineering, the program now includes faculty from across the entire campus. The program brings 40-50 students a year from the top universities in East Asia for training in research methods.  The program’s faculty director is Professor Tingrui Pan, Biomedical Engineering.  Over 60 faculty from various colleges have hosted students in the program since its inception in 2009. 

Capitalizing on the success of this program, various sub-programs have been developed, including a winter program and a three-week summer academy focused on hot topics in science/engineering.                    

UC Davis India Research Internship Program

The UC Davis India Research Internship Program attracts advanced undergraduate students from India’s leading universities by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable research experience in science and engineering at UC Davis. Students support faculty research by planning and managing experiments, conducting independent experiments, analyzing data, and summarizing research results.

Developed in partnership with the College of Engineering, this program focuses on students who plan on earning a doctoral degree, which creates a pipeline of experienced, highly qualified graduate program applicants.

UC Davis Research Discovery Program

This 12-week summer program gives exceptional international undergraduate students the opportunity to contribute to the research of UC Davis. Faculty members provide mentorship, students support crucial research and CPE-International seamlessly manages all of the details.

CPE-International provides full support for students and faculty members, including pre-arrival advising, program administration, academic and cultural advising, on-site orientation, and on-going emergency assistance as needed.


For more information about CPE-International’s innovative, customized Student Researcher Support Programs contact Jake Hosier, Interim Director, Global Study Program,, (530) 752-7314.