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4 Reasons Why Leadership Training Matters

Regardless of where you are in your journey as a leader, investing in management and leadership training can improve your performance and the performance of those around you. The most effective leadership training programs are holistic. They serve leaders at all levels of an organization and focus on leading self, others and the organization. “Organizations that embrace leadership training on all levels were 4.2 times more likely to outperform those that restrict leadership training to management,” The Conference Board and DDI. 

Here are four reasons why investing in your leadership development is essential.

1. Set yourself up for success

When you’re promoted to a supervisory or management position for the first time, it is often because you have perfected the skills related to your job. But when it comes to serving in an on-going leadership role, you may have little to no experience until you are promoted. Without proper training or preparation for the new role in management, there is a higher likelihood of turnover and frequent mistakes.

“After undergoing leadership training, participants were found to have a 25% increase in learning and 20% in overall job performance. They also exhibited a 28% increase in leadership behaviors and an 8% climb in subordinate performance.” Source Journal of Applied Psychology

2. Improve your team’s performance

Leadership Training at CPE

Whether you’re managing an organization, a team or even yourself, our Leadership Programs provide training for leaders at all levels. Each program targets a specific leadership role to help you acquire strategies and knowledge that can be used immediately.

  • UC Davis Executive Leadership Program: An impactful experience that enables executive-level leaders to enhance their ability to confidently guide their organizations. High-profile speakers and valuable networking opportunities make this a transformational opportunity.
  • Management Development Program: Designed for new and seasoned managers looking to enhance their leadership skills, this essential training focuses on leadership and team development and business success.
  • Emerging LeaderRecently emerged managers and those looking to moving into leadership roles will gain knowledge and tools needed to cultivate a growth mindset for themselves, their team and their organization.
  • DEI Training for the Workplace: Essential training for anyone committed to building an equitable workplace. 

Need help choosing the right leadership training program to meet your current needs? Contact an enrollment coach today.

Improving your leadership capacity can help you enhance your team’s performance and avoid micromanaging staff, which has been proven to be detrimental to the health of organizations and their employees. By understanding your strengths and improving your own leadership skills, you’ll build stronger, more resilient teams, inspire others and empower your team.

3. Reinvigorate your career

After years in the workforce, it’s not uncommon to develop burnout or a lack of interest in your work. One of the best ways you can combat this problem is to invest in leadership training. Leadership development programs can help you create a plan for growth and future advancement, ultimately improving your job satisfaction.

“Everybody can benefit from looking at themselves and the world around them. They can take a strategic approach to how they run their day, how they support their team, and how they’re perceived in their organization,” said Paul Adams, director of Corporate Support and Underwriting at Capital Public Radio in Sacramento and a seasoned leader with an understanding of how important good leadership is to the health of an organization.

4. Prepare to face new challenges 

The leadership landscape is constantly evolving. From the remote work revolution and volatile global dynamics to the rise of artificial intelligence and mental health awareness, leaders today face unique challenges that require them to adapt and innovate to meet the evolving needs of their teams and organization. According to a Forbes 2024 Survival Guide for leaders, they must exhibit adaptability and resilience. “Leaders have a lot of minefields to navigate today. However, these challenges also serve as catalysts for personal growth, leadership development, and increased resilience.”

Bolstering your leadership development can help you manage your team during times of ambiguity or crisis, adapt to new technologies, appeal to changing customer needs, attract diverse talent and foster an open workplace environment, according to experts.

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