CPE Dean Joins UPCEA Board of Directors

CPE Interim Dean Susan Catron has been named to the Board of Directors of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), the premier association for professional, continuing and online education. Catron was newly elected for a two-year term along with the deans of Harvard and University of Washington. Nelson Baker, dean of Georgia Tech will serve as President.

“Membership on UPCEA’s Board of Directors affords an incredible opportunity to liaise with national leaders in continuing, professional and online education,” Catron said.

Her appointment comes at a time of significant change and growth in the field, and will allow her to play a role in helping the association support its members in navigating an uncertain future.

"I’m happy to have Susan Catron join the UPCEA Board of Directors as Director-at-Large for a two-year term," said Nelson Baker, Board president. "Her experiences, coupled with the others on the Board, will give UPCEA the insights it needs to continue its growth and highlight its importance in serving today’s learners within higher education institutions."

In addition to its core mission of providing resources and support for higher-ed institutions serving non-traditional students, UPCEA is engaged in several major initiatives aimed at reshaping higher education. Through the National Council for Online Education, UPCEA works to advance the quality of online learning at the institutional level. Additionally, in partnership with Workcred and APLU, UPCEA is exploring how higher education institutions and certification bodies can collaborate to provide students with opportunities to earn certifications as part of their undergraduate degree programs.

“This is such a dynamic time in our field,” Catron said. “Service on the Board is not just an opportunity to contribute to the profession, but also to learn from national leaders who are doing groundbreaking work to promote access, equity and career resilience for working adults.”

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