headshot of Python instructor Al Pangelinan

Instructor Spotlight: Al Pangelinan

In almost 30 years of providing programming services, Al Pangelinan has witnessed the rise of Python and the thriving community around it. He is fluent in several programming languages, and now uses his skills in his independent verification and validation (IV&V) work. Pangelinan is excited to join UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education as the instructor of Introduction to Python Programming, the first course in the new Python for Data Analysis Professional Concentration.

Pangelinan has taught a wide variety of subjects, but programming courses are his forte. “I want my students to understand programming concepts with the use of Python. Once my students understand programming concepts, they will be able to learn other languages, such as C# and Java,” he explains. He describes Python as a versatile and reliable introduction to programming, which can equip students with skills they will need in almost any technical field. According to Pangelinan, not only will learning Python help students understand if they enjoy programming, but it will also prepare them for careers in data science, data analytics, software development and even technical journalism.

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Pangelinan has been teaching since 2004 and describes it as his calling in life. “I teach because teaching is in my DNA,” he says. “My teaching style falls under the facilitator style, which involves encouraging self-learning in the classroom through increased peer-to-teacher learning.” His highly interactive teaching has greatly influenced his students over the years. “During a graduation ceremony, a student gave me his graduation stole and told me that I had an impact on his life,” recalls Pangelinan. “He remembered all of the subjects as well as life lessons that I taught in my classroom.” 

Pangelinan’s long history of teaching and his experience as a professional in the computer science field will give his students a fulfilling learning experience.

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