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4 Ways to Pursue an Online Education at CPE

Learning from home has quickly become commonplace and, for many, a preferred way of learning. Whether it be to pick up a new skill to keep your résumé current, expand your professional abilities or learn a completely new skill set to change careers, options for pursuing an education online have grown exponentially.

Here are four options available at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) to help you stay on top of your professional game from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

1. Earn an Online Certificate

From accounting and healthcare analytics to python programming and winemaking, we offer a diverse range of award-winning online programs that focus on skills that employers look for. These programs are specifically designed to provide you with a flexible, engaging learning experience using the latest educational technology, including video, interactive exercises and online discussions with instructors and fellow students. Programs consist of original content that was designed, developed and released specifically for online consumption. And our online learning platform, Canvas, makes accessing lectures and assignments, as well as interacting with fellow students and your instructor, easy. Check out a complete list of online certificate programs available.

2. Take an Individual Class or Two

Free Online Information Sessions

Want to learn more about a specific program we offer? Sign up for one of our online information sessions. Staff and instructors will be on-hand to talk about program curriculum, learning outcomes and answer your questions. Sign up today.

Not looking to take on a full certificate program? You can take an individual class in the topic or skill of your choice. Almost all of our 18 areas of study have online learning options available, and many of our traditionally in-person programs, like Land Use and Natural Resources, now offer online options to help increase accessibility and flexibility to meet more of our students’ learning needs.

3. Explore Our No-Cost (or Low-Cost) Training on Coursera

If time is at a premium or funds are tight, but you still want to pursue career-relevant training, then one of our classes offered on the Coursera learning platform might be a great option. With subjects ranging from data visualization and GIS to content marketing and web development, these self-paced courses give you the flexibility to learn on your schedule, while also gaining in-demand skills. And, best of all, most of the individual classes are free!

4. Dip Your Toe in a Subject of Interest with a Free Online Sample Lesson

Finally, if you’d just like to get a sneak peek of what one of our online lectures is like, you can watch one of eight free sample lessons we’ve made available on our website (with more on the way). It’s a great way to preview an online course, and you’ll learn something, too!

So, no matter what your needs and bandwidth are for professional development, with UC Davis CPE, a quality education is only a few mouse clicks away.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in April 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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