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Meet Enrollment Coach Tiffana Thompson

Helping students meet their educational goals and assisting them throughout their educational journey at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) is what Tiffana Thompson is most looking forward to in her role as an enrollment coach. With 12 years of experience in enrollment coaching and student advising, Tiffana is excited to bring her expertise to CPE’s Enrollment Services team.  

Tiffana brings first-hand experience in continuing and professional education to her role. With a master’s degree in leadership, she is acutely aware of both the challenges and rewards of continuing your education. “I highly value education and how it can transform a person’s life,” she says. “I was the first in my family (of 10 children) to go to college, and I have seen firsthand how continuing your education can change the trajectory of your life.” 

Many investments depreciate over time, while education, for the most part, only grows in value."

A common enrollment issue that Tiffana is here to assist with is the helping students work through the financial hurdle of pursuing your education. “There is almost always an answer to the financial hurdle, but assessing the value in whether or not a student wants to utilize those finances is what I am here to do,” she explains. “I am here to help students assess their personal and educational goals and needs and align them with the programs we offer. Many investments depreciate over time, while education, for the most part, only grows in value.”

Contact Tiffana Today

Schedule a no-cost appointment with Tiffana to discuss your options for continuing education, career advancement or developing news skills. Tiffana is fluent in ASL.

If you’re considering continuing your education with CPE, reach out to Tiffana. She is fluent in American Sign Language, and can help you align your needs with our programs and assist in navigating the enrollment process. And if there are others in your life who are ready to pursue their educational goals, she can help them along their journey, too.  

Contact Tiffana if you’re interested in the following programs: ParalegalConstruction ManagementProject Management, GIS or Land Use and Environmental Planning.

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