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Paralegal Studies Certificate Program Graduate Ksenia Oleynik headshot

Student Spotlight: Ksenia Oleynik

Ksenia Oleynik is a legal secretary from Sacramento, and a graduate of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Paralegal Studies Certificate Program. Working in the legal field, Oleynik was experienced but felt restricted in her opportunities. “I enrolled in the program to advance my career and go above and beyond what I was capable of,” said Oleynik.

When considering her options, Oleynik looked at a number of colleges and trade schools. The length of the training program was an important factor for her employer. “I chose UC Davis because it’s a credible school, the program was only six months long and the cost was reasonable. How can you go wrong with those options?” After the choice was made, however, Oleynik was concerned she wouldn’t be able to balance her professional development with an already busy schedule, but ultimately found that the workload was manageable. “The program set up a schedule that gave you time for both your schoolwork and your personal life,” she said.

Paralegal Studies Certificate Program

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Oleynik knew her writing needed to improve. Here, she found the instructors to be extremely helpful. “When I was lacking in my writing assignments, my instructor was there to help me figure out exactly what I needed to do or how to better understand my assignments,” she said. She also emphasized the critical thinking skills she gained while earning her paralegal certificate. “The program forces you to think outside the box and learn how to work on your own and solve problems. It’s a crucial step in the legal field.”

Upon completion of the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program, Oleynik was able to leverage her professional development to earn a higher salary. “I got a raise and my employer was impressed with the knowledge I had gained from the program,” she said. “The overall program was far better than I expected going in, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to advance their legal careers.”

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