Charlie Bamforth filming in studio
Charlie Bamforth during filming of UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's Online Beer Quality series. (Joe Najera/UC Davis)

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Online Beer Quality Series Offers High-quality, Convenient Brewing Education

The Online Beer Quality Series from the UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education is the division’s first online brewing program, providing brewers worldwide access to world-renowned brewing knowledge. These courses are taught by distinguished UC Davis professor emeritus, Charlie Bamforth, Ph.D., D.Sc, the “pope of foam,” an internationally acclaimed brewing expert with more than 40 years of experience in the brewing industry. According to Bamforth, “Beer quality is the number one difference between success and failure.” Given the importance of beer quality in the craft brewing industry, the series is designed for professional brewers and amateur homebrewers, as well as quality assurance folks, all of whom can benefit from learning the fundamentals of beer quality and how to assure a quality operation at any scale.

As the first online beer quality courses to be taught by an industry expert, the series infuses Bamforth’s expertise as a researcher and quality assurance manager with practical insight and industry anecdotes not available in textbooks.

“The series presents relatively complicated topics in a very straightforward and easy-to-understand way,” says Bamforth.  “Students can readily understand the material and rapidly get into a position to brew better beer.”

Whether students have questions on foam, beer stability or flavor, Bamforth’s series covers all the key aspects that go into making a great beer. “Students learn approaches to ensure excellent foam, as well as consistent and desired flavor, color and clarity,” says Bamforth. “They will also be able to explain why things have been going wrong, how to avoid failures in the future and how to make changes to their operations.”

The five-course series on Foam, Flavor, Freshness, Color and Clarity, and Quality Systems offers courses quarterly at $385 each and can be taken in any order. Online convenience and self-paced learning allow students to control when and how fast they learn. “Lessons can be picked up and put down at the student’s convenience,” says Bamforth. Students can also sample a free lesson for a taste of the program’s content and Bamforth’s entertaining and informative teaching style.

All courses are currently available.

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