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OLLI Spring Events

Make Thursdays Your Movie Day in March

Bill Paxton
Actor Bill Paxton stars in Nightcrawlers, one of the films included in our upcoming class

Many people say, “they just can’t write a good story in Hollywood anymore…”  OLLI instructor Rene Viargues proves that narrative is still alive and well in cinema with discussion of four unique films in March.

Join Rene and fellow OLLI film fans for his upcoming course: Cinema Chez Rene: The Mastery of Film Narrative. Register online or with the Student Services office by calling 530-757-8777. Class begins Thursday, March 4th.




Spring Course Registration Begins March 8

OLLI Spring Catalog

We’re getting rave reviews at the OLLI office about the fantastic diversity of courses coming up for Spring! While we’ve had to discontinue catalog mailings due to the pandemic, you can still view the catalog online.

Here are just a few unique titles to keep you entertained through Spring:

  • Castles of Medieval England
  • Chicago Blues
  • Linda Ronstadt: My Job is to Make You Cry
  • Prison Bars and Hollywood Stars
  • No Ordinary Woman
  • The Supreme Court and Court Packing
  • California Public Schools: More Complex Than You Think
  • Putin’s Russia: Difficult Neighbor or Potential Adversary?
  • Arecibo Observatory: Its Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs
  • The Song of the Queen: Thrilling Tales of Honeybee Mating Behavior

Sacramento Jewish Film Festival

Sacramento Jewish Film Festival 2021

OLLI film enthusiasts: don't miss the Sacramento Jewish Film Festival! The SJFF will be streaming 24 feature films from ten different countries between March 3rd -24th. Also included are 12 film shorts and eight live Zoom chat events with genres including documentaries, biographies, comedies, and dramas. Some of the subjects that will be featured are art, music, dance, espionage, history, Israel, Palestinian issues, the Holocaust, sports, and a number of social issues including: gays in the military, living with disabilities, autism, and interfaith relations. Learn more about how to attend and see film trailers and descriptions on the SJFF website