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OLLI winter 2021 course catalog cover

OLLI Winter Enrollment Begins December 13!

Our OLLI Winter 2022 Course Catalog is here. Download now! OLLI has an engaging array of winter courses both online and in-person to enjoy with friends who plan to stay curious - just like you. If your retirement does not involve a rocking chair, OLLI is the place to be this winter!

You can pick up a print copy of the catalog starting Friday, December 3 at Watermelon Music in Davis, the Mary Stephens Davis Library, or the Davis and Woodland Senior Centers.

Want to share a special holiday gift with a friend? Give a quarterly membership and winter class! Call our student services line at 530-757-8777. 

Click here to download our Winter 2022 catalog now.

COVID and Classrooms - Winter Quarter Update

Many public health experts are predicting a surge of COVID-19 during the winter months as more activities move indoors and more people experience viral illnesses. The UC Davis campus will continue to monitor the pandemic and follow orders from public health officials. For OLLI, this means that universal masking indoors and the Daily Symptom Survey may continue for some time. How long we do this really depends on whether the virus continues to mutate, and on vaccination rates around the world.

OLLI students who are vaccinated for COVID will no longer be required to show a negative COVID test within 14 days prior to class.

Any last minute changes will be provided via email from olli@ucdavis.edu.

Meet the Instructor

Start the new year with a healthy resolution. Beginning January 4, OLLI at UC Davis will team with OLLI institutes nationwide for a four-part Zoom course on Quigong with instructor Nando Raynolds. He has been teaching in community colleges since 1990 and with other OLLIs since 2020. This live, online class will provide an introduction to Qigong, T’ai Chi and Somatic Meditation. Participants should be able to lay down and get up from the floor and move about comfortably in a home space while watching Zoom. See page 16 of the OLLI Winter 2022 catalog for more details about the course and instructor Nando Raynolds.