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Summer OLLI Course Registration Continues

New Summer 2020 Courses Available for Registration 

To view the selections, visit our website at cpe.ucdavis.edu/subject-areas/all-olli-courses and click on “Enroll Now” to read each course description.

More summer courses are being scheduled and will be available for registration soon:

  • Aug. 5 - Pandemics and Geopolitics with Prof. Steven Hoadley, University of Auckland, NZ
  • Sept. 9 - The 2020 Presidential Election: a Geopolitical Turning Point? with Steven Hoadley, University of Auckland, NZ
  • Aug. 4 - Cinema Chez Rene with Rene Viargues
  • Sept. 3 - Burning Man – a Photo Essay with Laurie Friedman

New YouTube Classes Now Available

Join OLLI for summer and get access to dozens of previous OLLI classes via YouTube! Here are just a few of the classes added this week:

  • Happiness is a Glass of Beer Michael Lewis
  • Science Grand Rounds: Global and National Climate Change Update Marvin Goldman
  • History of US Gun Control Policy Session 1 William Vizzard
  • Patriots of Their People, The Triumphs and Tragedies of Native Americans, Session 3 Germaine Hupe
  • The Making of the Constitution - Our Finest Hour Session 2 Ed Costantini