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UC Davis on Coursera Student Reviews


UC Davis Coursera student Andrea Burley
Andrea Burley, USA, GIS Specialization 

“I wasn't getting any call backs for archaeology jobs. I was stuck working retail with a bachelor's degree and a field school. Earning the certification on Coursera opened the door to not only archaeology jobs, but others as well. I got the job that I was after and have since leaned on that certification to help in a new line of work.”

UC Davis Coursera student Marie Kris Rodriguez
Marie Kris Rodriguez, Philippines, Market Research Specialization  

“I was always interested in market research, and was looking for something that would provide a full background and skills required in a market research career. The program enabled me to gain the skills to develop a research plan for a company. It strengthened my skills in report development, mining data for insights and presenting to a possible client. It also helped me to test hypothesis in quantitative research. I enjoyed every topic of the course.”

UC Davis Coursera student Mykola Karchevskyi
Mykola Karchevskyi, Ukraine, Computational Social Science Methods, Computational Social Science Specialization

“I needed to learn more about new methods of social science for my academic work. Because of this program, I started to think and research problems of combating crime in a new manner. The course by Professor Martin Hilbert is the best way to learn how technology is changing the study of society, why it is important and how to use this new knowledge.”

UC Davis Coursera student Roger Loutfi
Roger Loutfi, Lebanon, Adaptability and Resiliency, Professional Skills in the Workplace Specialization

“This program has provided me with practical skills and a new mindset that have transformed the way I approach both personal and professional challenges. It has instilled in me a sense of continuous growth and adaptability, making me better prepared to excel in today's fast-paced and uncertain world.”

UC Davis Coursera student Anchal Tibrewal
Anchal Tibrewal, India, SEO Specialization

“I was working as a freelance blog writer, but I felt the need to upskill and expand my knowledge to enhance my performance in the field. The knowledge and skills I gained from this program have had a significant impact on my life. It has greatly enhanced my effectiveness and proficiency as a blog writer and has helped me create more relevant and engaging content, leading to improved engagement and overall reader satisfaction. Furthermore, the newfound skills acquired from this program have opened up new opportunities for me as a freelancer. I am now able to position myself as a more knowledgeable and skilled writer, attracting potential clients who value the ability to optimize content for search engines and drive organic traffic. Overall, my experience with this program has been transformative. It has not only provided me with practical skills and knowledge but has also instilled in me a sense of enthusiasm and passion for continuously improving as a writer and staying at the forefront of industry trends.”

headshot of UC Davis Coursera student Dhanushka Meegaswatta
Dhanushka Meegaswatta, Sri Lanka, GIS Specialization 

"The UC Davis Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization has been a transformative experience. From a novice without any GIS background, I delved into the world of spatial data guided by the exceptional instructor, Mr. Nick Santos. The well-structured courses empowered me with not only technical skills but also the confidence to excel in this field. Through dedication, I proudly earned the specialization certificate, showcasing my newfound expertise." 

UC Davis Coursera student Edwardo Lopez
Edwardo Lopez, USA, Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization

“I was up-skilling to land an entry-level job in tech as a data analyst. I was specifically seeking to get better at using SQL because most job requirements in the tech space mentioned using some flavor of SQL in their job descriptions. This program introduced me to modern data engines and platforms, and their importance in the data ecosystem--among many, many other things. The program helped me on my SQL technical assessment for a few of the entry-level data analyst interviews I managed to land, and helped my understanding of the modern big data ecosystem and modern industry 4.0 solution for the emerging Single Source of Truth Systems in the data marketplace. UC Davis was responsible for introducing me to that and streamlining my understanding of the mechanics and use cases.”

UC Davis Coursera student Amina El Subaehi
Amina El Subaehi, Libya, Basic Spanish Vocabulary, Spanish for Beginners Specialization

“This program gives me confidence to continue with Spanish, without fear. It opened my eyes to the importance of the language and gave me a very important opportunity in my job. Now I can communicate with drivers who only speak Spanish with more confidence and peace of mind.” 

UC Davis Coursera student Luis Cota
Luis Cota, USA, SEO Specialization

“I was trying to secure a new job, specifically online. I wasn't enjoying my current workplace, and I had come across information about online certifications and remote jobs, which piqued my interest. The idea seemed feasible, and the prospect of becoming certified within a few short months was enticing. Coursera was one of the top websites compared to others, along with being affiliated with universities. It was an easy decision at the end. I just had no idea where this would lead me to career-wise. It turned out better than I thought. I'm glad I took this path since I now plan to start my own SEO agency and see where that path leads me next.”

UC Davis Coursera student Ben Wilkerson
Ben Wilkerson, USA, GIS Specialization 

“I was working as a consultant at a utility company with little room for growth or advancement. I was desperate to learn more about GIS and become more proficient in the industry. I took this program to ultimately learn more about Geographic Information Systems and gain skills that would land a better job and kickstart a career in GIS. The program fed my continued interest in GIS and now, three years later, I have a dream job working in GIS for a local city government. The program definitely helped me stand above the crowd.”

UC Davis Coursera student Isabelle Huguetto
Isabelle Huguetto, Netherlands, Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics Specialization

“I wanted to change careers to have a role that incorporated both IT and science. I thought this specialization would be perfect to explore this further. When the pandemic happened, I wasn't able to work until a vaccine was available as I was considered high risk. I wanted to make good use of that waiting time and I worked from home as a translator for a nonprofit while taking a number of MOOCs to update my skills. The program confirmed that I wanted to change my career to work in a field related to data analytics, hopefully in a healthcare or pharmaceutical setting.”

headshot of UC Davis Coursera student Mirela Iancu
Mirela Iancu, Spain, SEO Optimization

“I was at a career crossroads, preparing to end a 10+ years career in banking and start something in digital marketing as I was living in Romania and wanted to move abroad. It was a life-changing endeavor. Today I live in Barcelona (already for 4 years), and I am a successful SEO with outstanding achievements.”

headshot of UC Davis Coursera student Gretchen Mominee
Gretchen Mominee, USA, Adaptability and Resiliency, Professional Skills in the Workplace Specialization

“I was struggling with long haul COVID and applying for new jobs, but also experiencing extreme fatigue, almost no stamina, and a lot of brain fog. I discovered that I could take small steps, like taking one class at a time. I took the Adaptability and Resiliency course because I found the subject area interesting and wanted to learn more about it. I've been able to apply things that I learned, and it has helped me fend off a depressive episode as I recovered from long haul COVID. I did get a new job, and although it is similar to what I've been doing, I believe that taking these classes enhanced my ability to communicate about how I will contribute. I really enjoyed these classes, and I appreciate having the opportunity to take them in a way that I could afford.”

UC Davis Coursera student Ather Rasool
Ather Rasool, Pakistan, SEO Specialization

“All my life, I've been drawn to challenges and exciting opportunities. This led me to pursue a career in digital marketing. While I had some familiarity with SEO, I wasn't an expert. That changed when I enrolled in the UC Davis SEO Specialization. This course transformed my understanding, covering everything from crafting SEO strategies to detailed SEO reporting. Thanks to this training, I secured a position with a UK-based digital marketing agency. But I didn't stop there. I ventured into freelancing and now relish the life of a digital nomad.”

UC Davis Coursera student Travis Tester
Travis Tester, USA, Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization 

“I took this program because I was hoping to strengthen my visual analytics capabilities. I have been able to more than double my income! I spend less time working and my wife as able to quit her job as well. I was able to change careers, get a promotion, and then another new job.”

UC Davis Coursera student Enrique Rene
Enrique Rene, Spain, GIS Specialization 

“I took this program to become familiar with ArcGIS and advance my knowledge on how to use GIS to mitigate environmental vulnerability. Through this program, I expanded my GIS skillset and explored new techniques to reduce harmful effects of environmental impacts on vulnerable communities. This has given me purpose-driven objectives to achieve in my career.”

UC Davis Coursera student Igor Stojanov
Igor Stojanov, Macedonia, SEO Specialization 

“Since taking the program, I changed my career completely. Currently I am working for a US company as an SEO specialist. I would like to thank Coursera and UC Davis for this. Giving a chance to someone who can't pay for the program, Coursera is helping many people in the world to build their career. I am one of those lucky people who succeeded.”