Cell and Gene Therapy Course Bundle: 4 Online Courses


Cell and gene therapy is revolutionizing healthcare and holds the promise of life changing treatments for a wide range of diseases. A well-trained workforce with cell and gene therapy manufacturing skills is critical to the success of this exciting new field.  

In the Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Program you will gain the scientific knowledge and practical skills needed to perform effectively in roles related to the manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products. The program will provide foundational scientific knowledge of cell and gene therapies and an understanding of the production of these therapies in research and industry settings. The program is primarily focused on preparing learners to enter or advance in careers in biomanufacturing but would also benefit research and clinical trials support staff working with cell and gene therapies. 

The four courses in the bundle are: 

Course 1: Introduction to Cell and Gene Therapy  

This course serves as an introductory course for the program in cell and gene therapy manufacturing. It provides an overview of cell and gene therapies, how they are developed, applications for health and perspectives from industry professionals. 

Course 2: Cell Biology and Culture Techniques  

This course covers the topics of cell biology and how cell biological methods can be applied to answer biological and medical questions. You will explore various techniques for culturing, maintaining and manipulating cells in the lab and how these techniques may be used to gather data to test scientific hypotheses. You will gain an understanding of how cells work at the molecular level and how cultured mammalian cells can be used as a model organism to study cell biological processes. You will learn how cells are used as therapies and will be introduced to a variety of techniques that are used in manufacturing of cell therapies. 

Course 3: Overview and Production of Gene Therapies 

Introduction to gene therapy concepts, production methods and industry applications with an emphasis on AAV as a platform for manufacturing. Topics will include history and future directions of gene therapy, design considerations, methods for production, quality control and validation, regulatory considerations and current challenges in the field. 

Course 4: Stem Cell and Gene Therapies: GMP Manufacturing and Associated Regulations 

Introduction to human stem cell biology with specific emphasis on adult, embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. Topics will include how stem cells are isolated or generated, how they are cultured and how they are used for regenerative therapies. An introduction to CAR-T cells and their application will be provided. In addition, you will learn about Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), how to manufacture human stem cells and the regulatory requirements for approval and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. 

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The courses are self-paced and will be available on the Canvas site beginning 03/31/25. You should expect to complete the course in as few as two months, and you will have 10 weeks to work on the course presentations and assignments. You will have access to course instructors through 06/06/25. Online class is available beginning 03/31/25, enrollment deadline is 05/03/24.  All courses must be completed no later than 6/7.

By enrolling in the bundle, you will be automatically enrolled in the following 4 courses:

  • 244CGT201 - Introduction to Cell and Gene Therapies
  • 244CGT202 - Cell Biology and Culture Techniques
  • 244CGT203 - Overview and Production of Gene Therapies
  • 244CGT204 - Stem Cell and Gene Therapies: GMP Manufacturing and Associated Regulations

Refunds for this course must be requested within two weeks after the start date. The refund processing fee is $100. Refund Deadline: April 14, 2025. Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.

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Refunds for this course must be requested within two weeks after the start date. The refund processing fee is $100. View complete enrollment policy information including details on withdrawals and transfers.

Refund Deadline: 04/14/25.  Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date. 05/03/24 enrollment deadline.

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