Michael and Sheila Lewis Scholarship in Brewing Criteria, Terms and Conditions

Applications Open 12/1/23 through 1/12/24

Applicable Program

UC Davis Master Brewers Certificate Program (In-person program)

Award Amount

$8,000 (USD)

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is January 12, 2024 Winner will be announced approximately January 23, 2024

Scholarship Covers

  • 50% tuition for the UC Davis Master Brewers Certificate Program (in person)
  • Textbooks for the program

Scholarship Does Not Cover

  • Program application fee
  • Non-tuition fee items which may be required for the program, such as toolkits or materials
  • Transportation, sustenance and/or room and board associated with attending the in-person program
  • Optional course supplies or textbooks

Scholarship is non-transferable and monies will not be awarded directly to the applicant. All scholarship monies will remain in-account at CPE.


  • To be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, you must have an accepted application to the Master Brewers Certificate Program. The Certificate Program application can be found here, and academic prerequisites for the program can be found here.
  • Applicant must be 21 years of age or older to apply
  • Applicant, if awarded scholarship, agrees to have name and likeness shared publicly for promotional/marketing opportunities and participate in interviews, videos, etc. as appropriate
  • Applicant confirms that they fully understand, speak, read and write English.
    • All course materials are in English
    • All lectures are in English
    • All assessments are in English
    • All communication is in English
  • Both domestic and international applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Academic Transcripts
    To be considered for the scholarship, unofficial transcripts must demonstrate successful completion of the minimum academic prerequisites, which can be found here. If an applicant DOES NOT meet the minimum academic prerequisites, their application WILL NOT be moved forward to the committee review phase for consideration.
  • Bio/Interest Prompt
    In no more than 250 words OR a video of no more than two minutes, please provide a brief bio about yourself and why you are applying for this scholarship.
  • Essay
    In no more than 1000 words OR a video of no more than seven minutes and using personal examples and/or anecdotes, please describe, demonstrate and explain the following:
    1. What “excellence in brewing” means to you
    2. Your aspirations in the brewing industry
    3. How winning this scholarship will help you “give back” to the brewing industry
    4. Your commitment to diversity
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Interview
    Finalist agrees to be interviewed by the scholarship review committee via Zoom for final determination.

Other terms and conditions

  • If the scholarship recipient fails any course during the program, the scholarship is forfeited and the scholarship recipient is liable for the full tuition.
  • The certificate must be completed within 5 years. If the scholarship recipient fails to complete the certificate within 5 years, the scholarship award is null and void.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply.