Accounting Student Spotlight: Terri Taylor

Terri TaylorWanting an accounting program that would work with her schedule, teach practical skills and provide a good return on her investment, Terri Taylor found what she was looking for in UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Accounting CPA Exam Track Certificate Program.

Why did you decide to pursue an education in accounting?

I’m a career changer. My background is in business, but I wanted to transition into accounting, because I saw tremendous growth and opportunity in this field. When you think about the fact that accounting is in every single industry—in both the public and private sectors—there’s just numerous opportunities for accountants and CPAs. Accounting is almost a “recession proof” industry. Accountants are always going to be necessary.

Why did you choose UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education for your accounting education?

I looked at other similar programs that cost more, but they had prerequisites. Continuing and Professional Education requires no accounting background and gives you the training you need to enter the field or prepare to take the CPA exam. For me, it had everything I was looking for: a streamlined program that could be completed quickly; access to experts in the field; and an online format that was easy to use, yet didn’t sacrifice any interaction with students and instructors.

What was the most valuable aspect of the program for you?

Having access to real-world practitioners. Every class was taught by an instructor who is a practicing accountant. So, not only was I getting the education I needed, I was also learning practical skills that accountants need—like time management—from experts. Getting this kind of “real-world” training was extremely valuable. There wasn’t a single question I couldn’t ask my instructors. The quality and accessibility of the instructors was a real difference maker. If they were just strict academics, I don’t think they would have been able to address all my questions.

I also appreciated the fact that I was able to apply what I learned in real-time. When I started this program, I was serving on a board of directors as a finance chair for a non-profit. I was able to take the info I learned in the program and apply it in my job, easily explaining complex accounting concepts to non-finance people.

Would you recommend this program to others?

If I had to do it again, I’d choose UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. No question. It’s just a phenomenal program. The accessibility to instructors and their expertise is a big draw. I also think it’s an excellent alternative for those considering a master’s program, because it meets all the core accounting education requirements for the CPA exam, which I plan to take.