Construction Management Student Reviews

Jon Davies, senior project manager, Royal Electric 

“The UC Davis Construction Management Program gave me the ability to work in the Bay Area in the daytime and drive back to Sacramento to attend classes at night without impacting my work schedule. I have applied the lessons I learned in the program and used them as a base to nourish my own growth as a subject matter expert in my respective discipline.” Read more

Damariz Quezada, project manager, Silverado Contractors, Inc. 

“The certificate program had all the components necessary to help me achieve my goals. It has given me a boost in confidence. A few months after enrolling , I received an offer for the position I’m in now—a career opportunity that I never thought I would achieve when I started in the construction industry.” Read more

Dan Kruger, regional manager, Royal Electric 

“The program laid the groundwork and helped me gain the skills I needed to get to the current position that I’m in now.” Read more

Jenni Castro, Construction Management Certificate Program Graduate

"The program was a great eye-opener for me because I had so little experience in the industry." Read More

Moises Guandique, Construction Management student

After graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Civil Engineering, I began working in the field of education. Three years later, I realized I wanted to choose a different career path in the construction industry. However, I had no prior construction experience. After evaluating different options, I decided to enroll in the construction management certificate program at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

I have taken three classes so far. Each has offered me knowledge that I believe will be extremely useful in the field. The professors are very knowledgeable in their area of specialty, have plenty of experience and have many connections with others in the industry. The classes are filled with a wide range of students, some who have been in the industry for many years and others that are attempting to get into the industry, like myself.

I met amazing classmates that collaborate and share ideas off of one another. I made friends with similar goals in the construction industry. Through the connections I made, I am fielding job offers in estimating where I am excited to apply my learned knowledge from the certificate program.

Julie Duncan, construction manager, Walmart

“Thanks to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's Construction Management Certificate Program, I am a construction manager for the largest retailer in the world, Walmart. I am responsible for ground-up and remodels in Northern California and Hawaii. Truly my dream job."

Todd Ellis, owner and project manager, Ellis Construction

“I have been a licensed contractor since 2004. UC Davis Extension played a direct role in enhancing my business.”

William E. Robinson, Electrical Supervisor, DAF

“UC Davis Extension's Construction Management Certificate Program fit my full-time work schedule and was accepted by the VA, enabling me to use my 911 GI Bill benefit. My VA Services Coordinator was engaged and secured each of my class selections throughout my tenure. The courses enhanced my ability to lead and manage small- and large-maintenance/construction projects. I enjoyed sharing and hearing real-world problems and solutions during the on-ground class meetings. This certificate will complete my résumé as I pursue a private sector position. I highly recommend this certificate program.”

Henry (Hank) S. Lamon, president, Lamon Construction Co., Inc.

“The UC Davis Extension Construction Management Certificate Program is highly beneficial. The instructors are all from the industry and therefore have a working, practical approach to the subject matter. The evening courses allow working professionals to further their knowledge without encroaching on their normal workday.”

Jonathan Pike, associate, Sierra West Group, LLC

“The UC Davis Extension Construction Management Certificate Program is consistently top rate. A variety of leading construction professionals offers valuable insights, updates on industry trends and quality networking opportunities you won't find anywhere else. This program has added tremendous value to my resume.”

Ed James

“As a project manager for a commercial contractor, I continuously work to update and learn new skills. These classes are the best source for furthering my education. I've also been working on earning my bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and have been able to transfer the units earned through UC Davis Extension to that university system.”

Lori Winsor, Vice President of Business Development, Porter Consulting LLC

“This program was extremely beneficial in understanding emerging technologies and the alternative methods of project delivery. I was able to enhance and expand my business and technical skills to thrive in the challenging construction industry. Anyone new to the construction industry, I highly recommend this program as it gives you a great overview of all aspects of the construction process.”