Student Reviews

EHR Team Manager, Sacramento, Calif.

"Outstanding material and presentation! I am right in the middle of making a big switch in my career focus. My new role will be in supporting EHR implementations. Clinical Data and Electronic Records and Introduction to Health Informatics, were key to my getting an interview with the EHR team, and crucial in helping me understand the world I was getting into. I honestly believe I would not have gotten my new job (promotion!) without these courses. Thank you!"

Karie Ryan, R.N., M.H.S.A., chief clinical informatics officer, Melbourne, Fla.

"Thank you for a great program. The courses were spot on and the instructors were phenomenal. I learned so much that applied to my every day work! I would recommend this program to anyone!"

T. Rezonable, Integration Consultant, Stockton, Calif.

"Each class I have completed has helped me understand health care from so many different perspectives. The instructors are patient and engaging. The conversations among the class elicit a mix of experiences that you could find nowhere else—everyone has a chance to express options, questions and observations. Plus, the structure of the classes makes it accessible for a person who works full-time!"

Ruthann Russo, Healthcare Consultant, New York City

"The Health Informatics program was one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. I am grateful that you developed the certificate because it helps professionals like me continue on our lifelong learning paths. I especially liked that the lectures and the e-learning platform were student-centered and student-friendly. And, of course having the opportunity to learn from Dr. Yellowlees is a special gift for any student of health informatics!”

Mark Eliason, RN, clinical informaticist, Shasta Regional Medical Center

"I was recruited to our IT department because of my completion of the Health Informatics program in conjunction with my ongoing work with our EHR. It indicated to the hiring team that I was committed to continued education and personal development in the field."

Lien Nguyen, Ph.D., student and researcher, College of Health Sciences at UW-Milwaukee

"Being in a class with a mixed group of people who had both technical and healthcare expertise was amazing. The weekly discussions about my classmates’ professional experiences provided an opportunity for me to hear different viewpoints in an interdisciplinary setting.”