Project Management Student Reviews

Jessica Johnson

“I would absolutely recommend the program. The lessons and skills I learned could be used on the job immediately.” Read more.

Frances Fritz

“Everything I learned was directly applicable to my job, and I particularly liked the case study-based assignments.”

Nadine Ramage

“I manage teams every day. This course has provided me with the tools to improve my management and leadership.”

Albert S.

“The instructors were really helpful. Even though it was an online program they made it feel like we were in a classroom. They were really attentive.”

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Project Management student

“I think this [program] will help me perform my current job at a higher level, and it will also open doors for advancement in the future.”

Foundations of Project Management Students

"I had a good group of people in this class, and it was very helpful to hear different perspectives about solving problems. I also liked the feedback on the assignments because it pointed out things I hadn't thought of, instead of just receiving a grade and not knowing where I was wrong to apply it at work."

"The ability to apply theory to application.  Using a Case Study to complete activities was very helpful."

"The communication and feedback from [our] instructor in discussions and assignment/tasks are really valuable and useful. Thanks a lot!"

"The course provided a very good introduction into project management. I feel I learned a lot of useful skills and information that I can apply to my job even now."

Mastering Project Time and Cost Management Student

"Laura's style of teaching, honestly, was the best part of this course. It is obvious that she is passionate about the project management topics that were covered. Her enthusiasm kept me interested and motivated regardless of some of the content being difficult."

Navigating Project Procurement Students

"I valued the webinars and how helpful the instructors were during the webinars. They were very down to earth and taught from a very practical perspective….The [instructors] provided real world experiences that resonated with us."

"The course artifact assignments were beneficial for real world training."

"The length was just right and sufficient reading material was provided in order to build a strong foundation on the subject."

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